The Smart IT Framework Application

The Smart IT Framework Application is a generic database application “container” from which a bespoke application may be rapidly developed and tailored to meet the specific requirements of a customer.

Reduced Development Costs

The main advantage of this approach is that many of a client’s requirements have already been implemented before the development project even starts. This accelerates the development cycle and significantly reduces development costs.

Proven Reliable Code

Much of the finished application is based on proven, robust and reliable code. This makes it highly reliable and more easily maintained.

Rich Functionality

The breadth of functionality provided by the Smart IT Framework allows the application to offer a rich set of functions to maximise user productivity.

Keeping Pace With Technology

The Smart IT Framework continues to grow and evolve with changes in technology and with new versions of Microsoft Office and other common software systems which integrate with Smart IT applications.

Bespoke applications benefit from this evolution by inheriting these changes and improvements whenever they are updated. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership for the application.

Best Practice

There is nothing “magic” about this approach – building software from modular building blocks which re-use existing code is simply best practice for professional software engineering.

What makes the Smart IT approach special is that Smart IT rigorously applies these best practices to all of its developments, even though Microsoft Access does not inherently lend itself well to such methods.

Client Benefits

Smart IT’s clients benefit from the Smart IT Framework Application in terms of reduced development costs and increased reliability and maintainability for their bespoke applications.


For further details about the functions supported by the Smart IT Framework see Smart IT Framework Functions