About Smart IT

Smart IT Ltd was founded by director Neil Sargent in 1997 to leverage the power of Microsoft Access to deliver bespoke database applications to small and medium businesses.

Each application has its unique requirements. However there exists a common core of functions which are required by most applications.

For this reason, Smart IT developed the Smart IT Framework Application. This is a generic database application “container” with these core functions already developed to meet the common requirements. It may be very rapidly developed into a bespoke application to meet the specific requirements of any customer.

The Smart IT Framework is a “living” development. It’s core functionality is constantly expanding as new bespoke applications are developed. It continues to evolve to keep abreast of changes in technology and to maintain compatibility with new versions of Microsoft Office.

Applications based upon the Smart IT Framework benefit from this evolution by inheriting these changes and improvements whenever they are updated. This minimises the cost of maintenance or further development for the application.

This approach presents many advantages to the customer:

  • Applications are based on existing, well tested, robust and reliable code
  • Development costs and timescales are reduced
  • Cost of ownership is reduced
  • It makes bespoke applications viable for smaller organizations